Welcome to My Place...

I am so thrilled to welcome you to my website, and to offer you many choices of beautiful handcrafted artisan jewelry, either for yourself or a special someone. Please know that at Gems by George you are not considered just a customer but a welcome friend. I am always available for questions...you can do that on the "My Blog" page. Or, you can email me if you would rather. But please don't be a stranger!

My jewelry line is divided into 12 Series. The Series names have been chosen to represent the main color theme in each piece. So, for instance, my pieces with a green emphasis are included in the "Restoration Series"...green representing restoration. Each Series name has a theme verse from the Bible reflecting the meaning of each color. It is my way of declaring over each piece God's heart to bless the wearer with the "true" essence of the color of their jewelry. So, as you choose a piece that you love, what comes along with your selection is my whispered prayer for restoration, or strength, or hope in any needed place in your life  (the attribute depends on the series chosen). Beauty and blessing...that's the Gems by George goal.

I've had a lot of fun creating the items on the following pages, and hope that you will enjoy meandering through each page. Please don't hurry. Go get yourself a cup of something warm to sip and settle in for a nice journey. I had you in mind when I was at work!

Product Info

Oh, and FYI...Gems By George jewelry is handcrafted using great quality products. All items are one of a kind...meaning that while two items may somewhat resemble each other, they will never be exactly the same. In regard to all natural products used, there may be slight irregularities or inclusions contained in them, which adds to their unique and individual character and are not defects. I make every effort to see that the stones within the same piece match as closely as possible in regard to color and shape. In the case of hammered and/or free formed metals, these also will reflect a handcrafted character. In the case of pairs or duplicates, the match will not be exact, such as you would find in a machine made product. Again...the slight variations add to the uniqueness and artisan characteristics of the product.

SOLD?? If you see an item that is marked SOLD I can create something similiar, yet unique, if I have components. Please contact me and let's chat about creating a custom item just for you.

Note: Jewelry photography is a tricky endeavor. We strive to get our pictures as accurate to the true color of a piece as possible. Where there are several pictures of a specific piece, but with slight color variation, the multiple pics are our best effort at accuracy. Most likely, the actual color is somewhere in the middle. From my experience in jewelry marketing, I feel very confident that if you really like something in the picture, your love and enjoyment will greatly increase when you see it "up close and personal".

Return Policy
Gems By George has a "No Return" policy. However, should you experience any problem with your item within the first 30 days of product purchase, Gems By George offers one (1) FREE "re-structuring" with "return-to-you" postage paid by Gems by George.  All components (stones and spacers) from the piece must be returned with your "re-structuring request" and is accompanied by proof-of-purchase. All other shipping costs are non-refundable. If an item needing re-structuring is missing some original stones or metal spacers, there would be a charge for only the replacement cost of those stones and/or metal components needed to restore the item to original condition. Again, please keep in mind that because each jewelry item is one-of-a-kind, duplication may not be exact. I make every effort to be as accurate to your original item as possible.  If that is not possible, you would be contacted to determine how to proceed.
Questions about an item, or my policies??? Please feel free to email me. I would love to give you whatever help or information possible to be of help. Oh, and don't forget that it would be my joy to create something just for you in the case that nothing on these pages fits your desires.